COMUNICA may have started life as a translation agency, but we have long since offered a range of marketing services. After all, translation and marketing often overlap. Localisation, for example, is the art of tweaking translations so that they hit home with their intended audience, while many of our translators also work as professional copywriters.

In this article, you can find out more about some of the different ways in which COMUNICA can not only help you communicate across languages, but also to boost your mono or multi-lingual marketing strategy. From video production to content creation and good old-fashioned website localisation – get the full low-down below.

Copywriting and content creation

At COMUNICA, we can help you with a range of different copywriting and content creation services. This could be blog posts, website content, brochure texts, social media posts or press releases, but really there is no set definition of what this can and cannot include. We have a central team of content creators at COMUNICA which produces our own marketing content (like this blog post, and our many others, for example 😉) and we also work with a network of freelancers and copywriters to cover a range of needs.

What’s more, because we are also a translation agency, we are able to offer content creation services not only in English, but in a range of different languages. We can also have the content translated into several different multilingual versions once it has been produced and approved by your marketing team, and we will make sure that each version is expertly localised for its intended market.

Usually, the best way to start a copywriting or content creation project is to get in touch with a general outline of your needs. We will then be able to propose a number of concepts and ideas for you to choose between. Once we have a clear idea of the objectives and scope of the project, our content creators can then get to work producing sparkling and engaging content for your website, publication or social media output in as many different languages you need.

Video production

New in 2024, COMUNICA can now also offer a video production service. This is something we have been building experience within for a while now in-house, most notably in the form of our annual Christmas videos. Last year, we stepped our production values up a notch and took our camera out on location around the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market in Copenhagen.

We can help with everything from concept to execution – whether you just want a script and a sounding board to help develop your ideas, or a full-service solution which ends with a finished video you can upload right away. We have creatives on our own team who can lead the project, and we work with a number of partners who can take care of the production end. These include professional video editors and illustrators so you can choose between live-action, animation or even a combination of both.

What’s more, because we are also a translation agency and we work across multiple languages and markets, we are adept in the art of non-verbal and multilingual video production. This means we can produce easily accessible videos which are able to reach speakers of various different languages without the need for costly subtitling in multiple languages. Just check out our latest Christmas video to see exactly what we mean.

And, of course, if you do want your video content subtitled, that is naturally something we can assist with as well! See our subtitling service page for more information.

Marketing localisation

Localisation is the term used for the full adaptation process of a text when it is being translated. When a text is localised, the meaning of the original is not just translated word for word. Units of measurement are converted, cultural references are amended and other changes are made to make sure the text lands perfectly with its intended audience.

Marketing localisation takes this process one step further and ensures that the translated text will function perfectly as a marketing text in its new context. This means taking account of the habits and preferences of consumers not just within a particular language community, but a particular market – such as the United Kingdom, or Switzerland, for example.

By opting for marketing localisation rather than straight translation, you can ensure that your original content is optimised for its intended audience and just as likely to convert visits into purchases or actions as your original text. At COMUNICA, we have been honing our skills within localisation for over fifteen years, and we can offer conscientiously crafted marketing translations in a broad plethora of different languages.

Search engine optimisation

When it comes to marketing online, search engine optimisation is crucial. This is the practice of adapting texts and furnishing them with strategically placed keywords so that they are prioritised by search engines like Google or Bing. Content that is not search-engine optimised often ends up far back in the results pages, and research has consistently shown that most consumers click on the first two to three results, and very few venture beyond the first page of results.

At COMUNICA, we have our own in-house SEO expert on the team who can assist with keyword identification and advice on how to ensure your content appears high up in search-engine results. Our copywriters will then seamlessly execute your chosen keywords into the texts in a way that reads naturally and will not be castigated by the ranking systems used by common search-engine providers.

This way, you can make sure that all your painstaking efforts are not in vain. Your incredible copy and marketing texts will actually reach their intended audience and be able to start working their magic, convincing consumers with their powerful calls to action, engaging language and convincingly structured arguments.

Get in touch!

So as you can see, COMUNICA is much more than just a translation agency – we are a veritable marketing powerhouse. If you would like our help with any of the above services, or if you would like any other kind of assistance within the world of multi-lingual marketing, please feel free to get in touch.

You can contact us via our contact page here or fill out our web form for a free, no-obligation quote.