In today’s blog post, we chat to Laura Morillo, our Localisation Project Manager. She tells us all about her background, what led her to work in the translation industry and how she likes her job with Comunica. So scroll down and let’s get to know her!

Full name: Laura Morillo
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 30
Languages: French, English, Spanish

Q: What led you to get into the translation business?

A: I was inspired by my multicultural upbringing to get into the translation industry; my family had many international connections and these sparked an early love for different languages and diverse environments. At university, I studied a degree in translation studies with the intention of becoming a translator, but during my internship with COMUNICA I realised that my true calling was actually project management. This role requires both language know-how and organisational skills, and so it struck me as the perfect option for my career trajectory.

Q: What brought you to Comunica Translations?

A: I first joined COMUNICA as an intern and the pivotal influence of the company has given shape to my professional identity. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with an exceptional team. COMUNICA stands out not only for the remarkable qualities of each individual but, more significantly, for our shared sense of humanity. This unique combination is what defines COMUNICA and makes it a truly special place to work.

Q: What does your role at COMUNICA involve?

A: In my role as a Localisation Project Manager (PM), I oversee the entire translation process, which is a crucial responsibility in the field of localisation. Managing numerous tasks can be stressful, but COMUNICA is made up of an incredible team of problem-solvers. The support system that we have here alleviates stress, as I know that my colleagues are always there for me when I need them.

Q: Could you share one positive anecdote with us about your work?

A: Thanks to COMUNICA, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my university classmates. Interestingly, most of us have transitioned into the role of project managers, and this discovery has brought many smiles to my face as I spot their names in email signatures. It’s a delightful twist of fate to see how our paths have converged along the course of our professional journeys.

Q: And what about one not so positive anecdote?

A: As you can imagine, the summer period poses significant challenges, given that many linguists are on holidays, yet the volume of projects remains the same, if not higher. This past summer was particularly stressful as we were inundated with daily projects. However, thanks to our beloved team, we were able to find solutions to accommodate this growing workload.

Q: What is the future of the translation industry?

A: The translation industry is exceptionally versatile, and this is what sets it apart and allows it to adapt to changing times. Constant evolution is a defining characteristic of the industry. Despite the advancements we have seen in recent times, I firmly believe that AI and computers will not be able to fully replace humans in this field.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: I lead an active lifestyle, and I prioritise my personal well-being by training and exercising in my free time after work. This not only helps me to keep physically fit, but it also plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy back, especially considering the sedentary nature of my job.

Beyond my fitness routine, I harbour a deep passion for the outdoors, and I enjoy going on hikes and adventures with my boyfriend. Our cherished Dachshund dog, Bruno, is not merely a pet but a beloved companion who I just love spending quality time with. In addition to these pursuits, I find joy in traveling, eating great food, losing myself in my favourite music, and creating lasting memories with friends and family. All of these things together are what create a life full of joy and fulfilment.