What a great way to start 2021 – with the launch of our new Knowledge Base developed specially for COMUNICA’s linguists.

We have long since fostered a desire to bring together all of the technological documentation we have developed over many years of working on translation projects together with our linguists. And our brand new Knowledge Base just does that!

The COMUNICA Knowledge Base makes sure that our linguists have instant and easy online access to all the information they could ever need.

Using the Knowledge Base, they can search for and access:

  • CAT tool instructions
  • Video tutorials
  • Webinars
  • COMUNICA documentation (style guides, guidelines, etc.)
  • Data mining (alignment, glossaries, EU translation memories)
  • Tips and tricks (tips on using MS Windows and Word)

All the documentation can be accessed online, downloaded or printed – to be used whenever and wherever it is needed.

Engaging webinars for expert insight into memoQ features

At COMUNICA, the translation tool we use the most is MemoQ, which is a very comprehensive and innovative platform covering all of our translation processes.

Over the years, we have produced several webinars about MemoQ and its features which are designed to help our linguists get the most out of this tool. These live webinars were recorded and can now be watched by our linguists on-demand at any time through the Knowledge Base.

As well as helping our linguists to make better use of our translation tools and systems, it also gathers together important reference materials and procedures for internal processes, covering areas such as invoicing and glossary creation.

In essence, it’s a one-stop shop for all the essential knowledge that helps us to keep moving forward, and a repository for all the lessons we’ve learned over many years in business.

The development process of our Knowledge Base

Creating our Knowledge Base has been a long yet interesting process. Several of our team members got involved in creating and updating essential and comprehensive materials for inclusion in the base.

As part of the process, we have gone over all of our documentation, undertaking a thorough weed-out process so that only the most useful and up-to-the-minute information remained. Linguists can now search by keywords to find the information they need.

The system is very user-friendly and intuitive, making it easier than ever before to find the right documentation.

Streamline daily workflows for linguists and Project Managers

We hope that our new Knowledge Base will help to streamline the daily workflows of both our linguists and our project managers.

For example, it will allow our linguists to access crucial documentation and resolve doubts right away, without needing to wait for an email reply. This means we can tackle problems much more quickly, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing delivery times.

It is our mission to make sure that our linguists receive ongoing support and training to help them in their work and to create that all-important feeling of team-belonging and togetherness.

We have been working with our linguists for many years and we put great value on the successful and long-term relationships we have cultivated together.

Our linguists are our valued partners and we take good care of them!

Who can use the Knowledge Base?

For now, the Knowledge Base is only available to translators registered in Comunica’s database. They have already received their log-in credentials and can access the base whenever they need.

If you are an experienced linguist with a passion for languages, please contact us.

If you are interested in a personalised CAT Tool course, please contact our external consultant Lone Beheshty, Dania Training.