In cross-cultural communication, a literal translation of the source text will not always bring the right message across. If you want your message to reach customers abroad, a translation must be adapted to the culture, norms and customs of the target audience and their language. In the translation industry, we say that the text needs to be localized. When a text has been localized correctly, it will look as though it has been written locally and will therefore be easy for the intended customers to read and understand. This means that currencies, metrics, date notation and the like need to be adapted, using the local standards. Similarly, the tone of voice and other cultural sensitivities also need be considered.
Localization is key to improving communication with international target groups. It provides your potential customers or clients with a user-friendly product and therefore improves sales. Here at COMUNICA, we only work with native translators, which means that localizing your text content is something we do naturally and as a matter of course.