Meet the team

Our personal approach is your key to success

We have a great team that helps clients like you get great translations! As international enthusiasts with a passion for languages, it’s our personal commitment to you that really makes the difference. By combining our informal working environment with a focus on innovation, we’re always improving our skills and ways of working.

Tina Julsgaard

Managing Director

Karoline Barra

Project and Account Manager

Elena Fernández

Project and Account Manager

María Luna

Project and Account Manager

Paula Kalfirtova

Project and Quality Manager

Laure Montilla

Laure Montilla

Project Manager

Natascha Pustelnik

Natascha Pustelnik

Danish Translator and Project Manager

Laura Morillo, Project Manager

Laura Morillo

Project Manager

Carolina Honecker

Project Manager

Magda Mykowska

Assistant Project Manager

Nicolás M. M. Fontana

Sales and Vendor Manager

Juan J. Ramos

IT Manager

Tina Kok

Marketing Manager and Project Manager

Guri Poulsen

Danish Language Lead

Josefine Nyvang

Josefine Nyvang

Danish Translator

Hanna Sjöstedt

Swedish Translator

Linnea Willig

Swedish Translator and Project Manager

Gala Salahovic, Norwegian Translator

Gala Salahovic

Norwegian Translator

Milla Mäkinen

Finnish Language Lead

Sari Karhapää

Finnish Translator

Daniel Schopper, German Translator

Daniel Schopper

German Translator

Lone Beheshty

External CAT Tools Specialist


Our greatest asset is our team, and it’s our personal approach which will help you succeed globally. Guaranteed.

With our Nordic roots, it’s no surprise that we specialise in professional Nordic translation services. We know they’re difficult to source, which is why we’re here to make things that little bit easier for you. But…that’s not all we do!

Covering Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish, it’s our mission to help your brand speak all the languages of the Nordics, in a way that resonates with the locals. Plus, if you’re looking to target a little further afield, we have plenty of experience dealing with major European and world languages, too.


Actions speak louder than words, so whenever you work with us, we’re sure that it won’t be long, before you come across the following values, which keep us motivated to do the best we possibly can.


  • Need some advice? Customisation is what we do best.
  • Expect a certain level of service? We’ll do our best to beat that!


  • No detail is too small, we spot it all.
  • When you commission translations, you can count on us for deadlines.
  • It’s all about relationships, which is why we’re here to partner with you.


  • Need something yesterday? Not a problem – we’re used to tight deadlines.
  • Want to do something a little bit differently? We love a challenge!


  • There’s nothing more important than sharing knowledge and helping each other out.
  • With the way the world is constantly changing, we’re always up for innovating and implementing new development ideas.