Grab Your Customers’ Attention in “any” Language with COMUNICA’s Multilingual SEO Services!

FUENGIROLA, Spain – Jan. 13, 2021

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Comunica Translations (COMUNICA), a boutique translation agency specializing in Nordic languages, is excited to announce their multilingual search engine optimization (SEO) services!

COMUNICA’s team of expert translators will not only translate your website’s content into your preferred language/s, but will also organically implement the correct keywords into the final translation. This ensures that your text is not only well written but also natural sounding — precisely what search engines love!

Multilingual SEO is a much needed service for multinational organizations and for companies that wish to engage with a linguistically and culturally diverse target audience. As part of the company’s initiative to globally expand their full suite of linguistic services, COMUNICA’s team of seasoned linguists and SEO marketing specialists will translate your content and help you boost your website’s organic search traffic in several languages.

Multilingual SEO is not merely about translating your content into other languages. It requires finely tuning the entire message to account for cultural sensitivities and linguistic nuances. Branching out into an international market?

Partner with the SEO marketing team at COMUNICA to ensure multilingual SEO is an integral part of your global expansion strategy.


Tina Julsgaard, COMUNICA’s Managing Director, founded the company back in 2007 motivated by her passion for languages and for helping customers do business abroad. With a deep fascination for cross-cultural comprehension, Tina has since built a successful team of professional linguists who work closely with each client, helping them with their global communication needs.

If you are looking to boost your sales through multilingual SEO, reach out to COMUNICA today or read more about their company’s multilingual SEO services.

Let COMUNICA create a strong SEO position for your company and brand.

COMUNICA adheres to the recommendations of EN15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Service


Tina Julsgaard

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