In today’s online world, every ‘serious’ company has a website, regardless of its size. Most people know that a website is the face of their company online and as such often determines a potential client’s impression of the company.
When looking for information, for example about a product or a company, you start searching online before making personal contact as a matter of course. People often do a search in their native language, and their first visit to a website will often last for just a few seconds. This means that the immediate impression, and the languages available, can be quite crucial.
If the website is available in languages that the visitors can understand, they might remain on the site longer and return to it at a later date. On the contrary, if the visitors can’t understand the content on the site, they will most probably leave the site and never return. Therefore, by communicating in the appropriate native languages, a company shows their visitors that they are interested in doing business with them.
In general, people prefer to read and receive communication in their native language, even if they understand other languages. Therefore, having a website translated by professional translators into several languages can be a wise decision. In this way, a company can switch from being a mere local to a global business.
If you want your business to attract customers on a global basis, you need to speak their language!