Technical translation

Technical translation is perhaps the most challenging and demanding type of translation task there is. Not only does it require a mastery of both the source and target languages, but it also demands superb research skills and the ability to possess or attain an in-depth working knowledge of the industry at hand. It is not enough for technical translators to simply understand your cultural or national language – they need to understand your professional lexicon and your technical vocabulary as well.

Consider, for example, that your company has painstakingly produced a user manual for one of your products. Your team will have chosen very specific terms and taken care to phrase every last instruction carefully, so that the text reads fluently and makes things easy for your end customers. If this care to detail is not captured and reflected in translation, then users in foreign markets will likely find themselves confused and frustrated when using your products. This may cause erosion to your brand confidence abroad, with consumers potentially even coming to regard your company as unprofessional, unreliable or difficult to trust.

Technical translators also need to consider the importance of standards, regulations and laws, both in the original context and in the export market as well. National regulatory agencies often use different terms and phrases from country to country, while European bodies will have standard translations for key terms across the EU. Using the wrong words in this context can cause confusion and may even result in a product or facility failing to uphold its compliance with a particular norm or ordinance. The consequences here can be extremely serious. Not only is there a risk of potential dangers to occupational health and safety, but mistakes may even lead to hefty fines or sanctions being imposed by government agencies.

The stakes are clearly high, so don’t take chances when it comes to technical translation.

Here at Comunica, our technical translators possess extensive knowledge in a wide range of areas and are equipped with the necessary skills and technologies to thoroughly research and investigate new fields or sectors. We are also able to incorporate client glossaries into our translation tools, allowing us to ensure that your preferred terms are used accurately and consistently throughout all pieces of translated documentation.

So no matter whether your text concerns a user manual, technical data sheet, technical user guide, safety leaflet, installation instructions or a standards compliance plan, you can rest assured that our translators will ensure that the end result is a high-quality, precise and accurate technical translation.

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