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As a Danish owned translation agency, we’re perfectly positioned to offer high-quality native-language translations in both Nordic and European languages. We also work with many other languages, and have multiple language pairs covered across our extensive database of qualified translators.

Marketing Localisation

Translation is more than just moving from one language to another. It involves crossing borders, cultures and ways of life. Translated texts often need to be localised to match their intended market, so they read fluently and in a way that engages the reader. Our team of passionate translators know this very well, and they have the skills to make your text hit home.


Here at Comunica, we have ample experience within the translation of e-learning platforms and content. Besides helping clients to translate their materials, we have previously developed webinars for our linguists and we recently launched our very own online Knowledge Base for translators.

Tourism Translation



Travel and tourism translation is a specialised form of translation for the tourism industry which requires creative flair, a keen eye for details and localisation expertise. Click below to learn more.


Software Localisation

Translating programmes and applications is not the same as translating other types of text. It requires specialised knowledge and an understanding of the user context. That’s why we work with a number of translators who are specialised in this area, so we can guarantee functional texts that your users will love.

Website Translation

Research shows that internet users gravitate towards websites in their native language, and that English-only pages are quickly losing ground to their multilingual counterparts. This makes website translation an essential step for any company with global ambitions. Thanks to our unique Skrapling tool and intelligent ways of working, we can offer you one of the simplest website translation services on the market.


With our new market bridge service, you can step safely across the raging river and explore new markets on a low-risk, low-cost basis. By introducing your product or service to customers in their native language – and making sure to appear in their search results – you can reel in visitors that would otherwise never find your content online.

Bridge pages


Copywriting is essential to most businesses and encompasses a wide range of different writing tasks, from drafting polished and professional marketing emails to blog posts that boost engagement and landing pages optimised for search-engine algorithms. Here at COMUNICA, we offer a wide range of professional copywriting services carried out by native copywriters with a proven track record. Read on to learn more about copywriting and the services we offer.

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Translation of subtitles is an exciting and dynamic form of translation which not only takes sharp language skills, but specialised knowledge on subtitling translation best practice. Subtitle translators must follow additional rules to ensure readability and comprehension, and they often need to come up with creative solutions to tricky problems. Click the button below to read more and learn how we can help with your subtitling translation projects.


Game localisation is about a lot more than just translating text from one language to another. It involves adapting dialogue, menu texts and instructions so that they can slide into their new context without causing confusion or offence. It is often a highly creative task that takes bright minds and a keen understanding of both the source and target cultures.


When you’re getting your website translated, we bet you want your website to be found! If you have a list of keywords you want adding to your translation, all you have to do is send them to us. We’ll then add them to the texts. If you don’t happen to have keywords ready in the target language, don’t worry! We can help with that, too. We help companies put together target language keywords that all have search volumes and resonate with local buyers.

Technical Translation

There’s nothing worse than buying a new appliance and finding that the instructions make no sense at all. This can cause customers to lose confidence in a brand or product and to shop elsewhere next time around. Here at COMUNICA, our language team has the research skills and technical knowledge needed to ensure accurate and fluent technical translations.


Machine translation is becoming increasingly popular and widespread as the technology and data underpinning machine-translation tools continue to advance. On this page, you can read more about what machine translation is, how it works and what kind of machine translation services we offer here at COMUNICA.

Machine Translation


The post-editing of machine translation, also known by its initials MTPE or simply as post-editing, is an increasingly popular service within translation. In addition to our regular machine translation service, COMUNICA also offers a number of post-editing services, namely light and full post-editing and full post-editing plus revision. Read on to learn more about the post-editing process, the differences between the services we offer and the benefits of MTPE over other options.

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Medical Translation

Medical language is often highly specialised and almost incomprehensible to the average reader. Even with a dictionary at hand, reports and instructions can be impossible to follow without a solid understanding of the subject matter. Here at COMUNICA, we work with translators who are trained in medical content and the health sciences, and who know exactly how to translate even the most complex texts.

Financial Translation

Your financial results are your window to the world. They let the markets know how you’re doing and what your business is like – and having them translated is a great way to spread the word. But financial language can be tricky and requires specialised knowledge. That’s why many of our translators aren’t just translators, they’re good at numbers, too.

Legal Translation

Translating contracts and legal documents is no easy task. Not only is it a job that requires a mastery of both languages, but also an excellent knowledge of law and legal terminology. Mistakes can have disastrous consequences and lead to irreparable breakdowns in trust. So don’t take the risk – leave it to our experienced legal translators and rest assured that your translation will be of the highest quality.


No matter how qualified a writer or translator may be, we’re all humans at the end of the day. That’s why proofreading is so vital, making sure that every single mistake, typo or spelling error is corrected before publication.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Do you have a need for DTP services? Our multilingual graphic designers can help you achieve professional results for documents online or in print!