Danish into English translation

We guarantee seamless translations by using qualified, mother tongue translators

Cultural understanding is our top priority

Learning the grammar of another language is one thing, but understanding and assimilating a whole other culture is something else altogether. Creating a perfect Danish into English translation is about more than just choosing the right words and making sure that the grammar is correct. The text being translated needs to be understood in its proper context and in relation to both the culture it has been produced in and the culture it is moving into. It is therefore essential that your translation be carried out by a mother tongue translator with an excellent command of the target language and an understanding of the deeply rooted values and norms in both cultural contexts.

Authentic results

Culture is a complicated phenomenon. Language is packed with cultural nuances and intricacies that are often missed by non-native speakers, and this can be a real problem when it comes to cross-cultural communication. Our mother tongue translators have an excellent understanding of the Danish language, and they possess the right skills to pick up on the smallest of subtleties and render them creatively in English. This means that the Danish into English translations we produce read fluently, without sounding clunky or forced, or like they were written by a non-native speaker. This is the only way to deliver a translation!

Everyone understands English!

The documentary on the American National Geographic television channel yesterday was very interesting. We had an extremely satisfying conversation with our English customers at today’s online meeting with plenty of room for humour, as always. We talked and laughed the night away with the British couple on holiday in Tenerife last year.

As Danes, we generally feel that we are very good at English, as we learn it at school and we have little trouble communicating when we’re out and about in the world. But this doesn’t mean that our English is flawless, and many Danes have a tendency to make syntactical errors, to misuse phrases and to introduce Danish expressions that don’t exist in English without even realising it.

This might not be a problem when watching TV or chatting with friends, but it can be the death knell for a business deal when communicating in a professional context. English speaking customers and business partners expect flawless, natural-sounding communication, and anything less is likely to raise suspicions or doubts.

Our mother tongue translators have an excellent command of the English language and a deep understanding of Danish culture. This means that the texts they produce are adapted to the cultural context they will be used in and they are guaranteed to ensure credibility, authenticity and an excellent response. So avoid clunky, Danified English and be sure to choose a professional mother tongue translator for your next Danish into English translation assignment.