English into Finnish Translation

The Finnish people live their lives surrounded by nature. This close presence and connection to the natural world, together with the country’s extreme weather conditions, have shaped the people and given them a very down-to-earth outlook. The harsh climate has shown the Finns what it’s like to be at the mercy of nature, teaching them to be respectful of the natural world and to be humble. The Finns are hard-working, reliable and sincere. They do not appreciate anything that is flashy or artificial, but rather prefer to keep things as realistic and simple as possible. Generally, the Finns value practical solutions more than aesthetic details, and this mentality can be applied to pretty much everything, from the way people dress through to architecture and design.

Sincerity is probably the number one value for the majority of the Finns. This means that if an English company wants to capture its share of the Finnish market, it´s very important that they consider the downtoearth values of their target audience, and that they reflect this in their English into Finnish translation tasks. Legitimate hype and overstatements, somewhat common in the English speaking world, would not only sound like bragging to Finnish ears, but they would also come off as insincere and suspicious.

In addition, Finnish is also a very complex language, and it is extremely difficult for a non-Finn to acquire the degree of proficiency required to produce an English into Finnish translation that sounds professional. It is therefore crucial to order translations from a professional, Finnish translator, in order to ensure that the result does not end up sounding unnatural or clumsy 

Another clear difficulty for any non-native translator of the Finnish language is the rapid evolution of the language, and the complex compound constructions that can consist of several individual words joined together. It would be very difficult for a non-native translator to construct or even properly understand those words. This means that ordering an English into Finnish translation project from a native professional translator is essential, if you are to get a natural and professional result

On the other hand, some English speaking business owners may think that all Finns have such a good command of English that they don´t even need a Finnish language version to capture the potential market in Finland. And this might well be true for some younger speakers, but perhaps surprisingly, even many middle-aged Finns would not be comfortable dealing exclusively in English. This is especially true when it comes to making bank transfers or reading through binding contracts, official documents, regulations, policies, trade terms and so on.

Here at Comunica, our team of mother-tongue English into Finnish translators have a keen understanding of the Finnish language and the Finnish market, and they are at the ready to help you craft a careful and considerate document that will meet your needs.