Internship in Spain at Danish-Owned Translation Agency

COMUNICA is currently looking to recruit translation interns who speak Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish or Dutch for a period of 3–6 months each.

The programme is open to both university students and graduates. You can undertake the internship either during your studies or, alternatively, you can wait until after you have graduated.

We offer two internship options.

1. 100 % in-person at our offices
2. Two weeks training in the office and the rest remotely.

We can offer you a focused internship within the fast-paced and very dynamic translation industry. You will receive training in the most innovative computer-aided translation (CAT) tools and you will gain an insight into what it means and takes to work as a professional translator.

Watch our Internship video here and meet some of our previous interns and the COMUNICA team

  • Would you like to combine practical work experience with an internship in Europe?
  • Would you like to be part of a young and dynamic team?
  • Do you love languages and translating? And maybe writing content?
  • Are you outgoing and positive by nature?

If you can answer YES to all the above, then the internship position at COMUNICA is definitely something for you. Located in Málaga, Spain, you will be surrounded by lots of sun, tapas and stunning beaches within walking distance from the office.

The primary duties of our interns is to perform translation projects from English into their mother tongue, but interns will also have the opportunity to practise and develop within other areas such as writing, proofreading, copywriting, project coordination and various marketing activities.

Why do an internship abroad?

Doing an internship abroad is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience as well as create networks and achieve coherence between theory and practice. An internship is therefore a valuable contribution to your CV and can be “the little extra” that sets you apart from the crowd.

What can COMUNICA offer you at your internship abroad?

During your internship abroad, we make a point of being able to offer you relevant work experience and to give you a taste of what a career in the translation industry entails. In addition to interesting and challenging work tasks, you will receive a thorough introduction to our work processes and continuous training from our experienced employees. You will also be trained how to use memoQ, Phrase (formerly Memsource), XTM and SDL Trados Studio, the leading CAT tools in the industry, which you will work with daily.

In addition, you will be working in a young and vibrant environment with good opportunities to get involved in many interesting and exciting tasks.

Who should apply?

We prioritise translation and language students whose focus is on the English language. You must be able to speak and write fluent English. You can apply at any point in the course of your studies.


It is a minimum requirement that you have familiarised yourself with the common grammar and spelling rules of your mother tongue and the additional language(s) you have studied.

General information:

  • Duration of stay: Generally three to six months but we are also very interested in candidates, who can stay longer.
  • Intake: We are flexible, so let´s hear when you can start.
  • Housing/lodging: You are responsible for finding your own accommodation, but COMUNICA will be happy to assist you with this process.
  • Location: Comunica´s office premises at Calle Skandia 2, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain.
  • Contribution: According to agreement.
  • ERASMUS: We highly recommend that you apply for an Erasmus grant to supplement your income. All of our previous interns have been successful in obtaining either an internship or a traineeship grant. (you must apply while you are still studying)

Application process

Please send your application with CV and photo to:

Your application must include the following information:

  • Where you encountered the job advertisement
  • Tasks you would like to work on and what you can offer
  • Time period during which you are able to work
  • Your motivation to do the internship
  • CV with details of education, latest grades, work experience and relevant courses.

We look forward to receiving your application! If you are selected as an intern candidate, we will send you a short translation test as part of our vetting process.

Read feedback from our former interns

Ellinor Johansson, Swedish Intern from June 2021 – September 2021, Master programme in Translation

Participating in Comunica’s internship program is one of the best things I have ever done. As soon as I got to the office I was welcomed by the whole team, which is full of absolutely lovely, warm people. During three intense months they taught me everything I needed to know in order to become a professional translator. I feel like the internship really gave me a head-start in the field of translation, compared to many of my classmates. Translators often work remotely and alone, and when you’re getting started it can be really difficult to figure everything out. But thanks to the internship and the whole Comunica team, I had access to expert help and guidance along every step of the way, and we have maintained a close collaboration even after my internship ended. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in languages and translation to do this program. My education gave me a good base, but nothing could have prepared me for the real world of translation better than Comunica and their internship program did.

Dominick Steffensen, Danish Intern from August 2018 – January 2019, Master’s in Communication and Danish, Roskilde University:

“My internship at Comunica Translations was a very beneficial and educational experience and I had a great time during my five-month stay. It is a great workplace with incredibly friendly co-workers who are always there to assist you with anything. If you enjoy working with languages and translation, Comunica is the place to be. You get an opportunity to try a variety of assignments in the translation field, which means that you get an insight into the complexity and features of different types of translations. So, if you are the type of person who would thrive in a workplace with a great atmosphere, who loves being hands-on with things and who finds it easier to learn by doing, I would strongly recommend applying for an internship at Comunica Translations. You will not regret it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that their offices are located in the south of Spain!”

Frederik Fuglsang, Danish Intern from August 2018 – January 2019, Master’s in Communication and Danish, Roskilde University:

“For my six-month internship, I had the privilege of working at Comunica. The internship was extremely enriching and rewarding, and it gave me some valuable and practical experience to complement my studies. As an intern, I was instructed in the use of different CAT tools while working with a wide range of interesting and challenging translation tasks. Apart from translation, I was also given the opportunity to contribute to various communication tasks such as creating newsletters, slogans and content for their new website. I benefited greatly from my time at Comunica, both professionally and personally. I was not only able to improve my translation skills and gain a comprehensive insight into the industry, but I also learned what it takes to be a part of a professional team. Last but not least, I must also say that the working environment at Comunica was really comfortable thanks to a bunch of very competent and helpful colleagues who made me feel like a part of the team right from my very first day.”

Sebastian Malthe Hansen, Danish Intern from 1st September to 1st December 2018, Master’s Degree within Intercultural Studies Latin America at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences:

“During my three months as an intern at Comunica, all of my goals and expectations were fulfilled, as well as the requirements from Aarhus University. Right from my first day in the office, I was given a lot of responsibility, as well as co-determination regarding the many different translation projects that I was working on daily. My working day as an intern at Comunica would normally start with checking emails in Outlook, followed by planning the first projects of the day. I also discovered right from day one that I could ask my colleagues for advice at any time. The comfortable working environment and cheerfulness of my colleagues, as well as everyone’s professional approach, made me feel like I was never alone and that I never needed to feel at a loss regarding a translation project. It was also my impression that Comunica encourages and supports the social cohesion of their staff. For example, once a month (usually the first Thursday of every month) an after-work social event was held where colleagues meet up for a beer and a couple of tapas. It felt like a good combination of the Danish hygge tradition and the Spanish way of life, where a beer after work is a common occurrence. These events seemed to be very popular, and it was nice to meet up with colleagues outside of our working environment. I can wholeheartedly recommend Comunica to anyone who is passionate about translation. If you are looking for an internship with plenty of responsibility and co-determination, as well as a highly professional working environment that is filled with both smiles and laughter, Comunica is the right place for you.”

Natascha Pustelnik, Danish Intern from the 26th June until the 25th August 2017, Master’s in International Business Communication in Spanish, Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences:

“I had my internship at Comunica from 26 June until 25 August, and even though I was only there for nine weeks, I learned a lot from my stay. From the very beginning, I got to try my strength on different CAT tools and small test jobs, just to get a feel for how things work, and within a short time, I was thrown right into it, which – to me – seems like the best way to get going. Of course, I received a thorough introduction to the major CAT tools and, quickly, I felt comfortable using programmes such as Trados, Memsource and, especially, memoQ. Little by little, I got to take on bigger and more interesting translation jobs that were somewhat more challenging than the smaller and more predictable jobs I was doing at the start. To me, the most important part of the internship was getting to know the three major CAT tools and not, as one might expect, the linguistic part. Furthermore, I quickly realised just how structured you need to be to work in this field, and just how good you need to be at handling stressful situations and managing very busy periods with high volumes of work – and I enjoyed every moment! It was great to get insight into the vibrant translation industry, the work of a translator and proofreader, and it was inspiring to be surrounded by hardworking people who are very enthusiastic about their area of work. All in all, my internship experience was very rewarding, and I would recommend anyone who has a flair for language to apply for an internship at Comunica.”

Guri Birgitte Poulsen, Danish Intern from October 2015 until March 2016, Master’s in Translation and Interpretation, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences:

“I benefited enormously from my internship with Comunica. Throughout the internship, I received insights into the translation industry, I was instructed in the use of various CAT tools and, most importantly, I was able to develop and improve my translation skills. My duties as an intern were varied and challenging, and my work always felt valued. I was able to work independently from the very beginning, while knowing that I could always ask for help if I ever needed it. Comunica offers a very comfortable working environment, and everyone made me feel welcome right from the first day, so the overall experience was nothing but positive.”

Artina Christensen, Danish Intern from June 2015 until December 2015, Aalborg University:

“My six-month internship at COMUNICA was by far the best and most fruitful semester of my studies. I am more than grateful to have been able to experience: working with both exciting and challenging translation tasks on an equal footing with professional translators; working with CAT tools on a daily basis, and gaining insights into COMUNICA’s marketing activities. At the same time, I was surrounded by professional, international, and, indeed, helpful colleagues – I will definitely miss being a part of the COMUNICA team!”