We live in a global environment where many people speak English as a second language. So why is it still necessary to have your text content translated into other languages?
Well, even in countries where most people have some knowledge of English, the level of proficiency is not always that high. Even for people whose level of English is good, reading a text in a foreign language will always require more effort than reading a text in their native language. Chances are that parts of the text will be misunderstood, which is a common cause for misinterpretations, especially for those with a low level of proficiency. Moreover, people are likely to stop reading altogether, if it gets too difficult. When you need to supply instructions to customers (for example in a user manual) or if you want to sell something (on your website for example), this is definitely not something you want to see happen.
Several studies have indicated that the probability of a potential customer buying something on a website is four times greater, when they can read the text in their own language. All the more reason to invest in a good translation!
YAll in all, the reason for having your text content translated comes down to reaching out and showing your customers respect. It is your customers, who have the ‘power’, and you should facilitate the buying process as much as possible for them. Your customers should not have to struggle to be able to understand your message. It is your responsibility to get your message across in a clear and concise manner. We therefore advice you to get closer to your global markets by investing in translations of the highest quality.