Working procedures

How We Do Things

One of the things that sets us apart from other language agencies is the way that we work. Rather than following the crowd, we’ve combined our professional experience and industry knowledge to develop our very own air-tight workflow. By using the latest technology, too, we can guarantee the perfect outcome for every one of your projects.

If you’d like to know more about our procedures, have a look at our Work Procedures.

The key advantage of the way we work is that we’re able to develop close, personal relationships, ensuring unparalleled levels of accuracy and quality in the translations we produce. There’s nothing better than working together as a team, and that includes our clients like you, too. 

Quality control

You need quality – and that’s our main priority. All of our translators have university degrees in translation and language studies and a wealth of practical experience within the translation industry. This means we can guarantee that all of our translations are fluent and grammatically correct, no matter the language. In addition, all of our translators have accumulated specialised knowledge within their areas of expertise, such as marketing and sales, finance, technology, medicine and law. And that’s where project management comes into play – hand picking the right linguist for your job.

Recruitment: All translators must pass through our rigorous recruitment process before we register them in our database. This ensures that their abilities match our standards and that we can make sure they’re an integrated member of our team.

Our very own style guide: We have developed a range of style guides in all of the languages we work with, which our translators can consult and follow. These style guides ensure that our translations always meet our own high standards and can be used to clarify any questions or doubts. They have been developed in line with the recommendations of relevant language councils and give our linguists the framework they need to produce excellent texts every time.

Scorecards: Nothing’s better than feedback and evaluation. Whenever our proofreaders review a translation, they always complete an evaluative scorecard, allowing us to see how our translators develop and evolve over time. Not only does this help us to ensure quality, but it is also a way to share feedback and provide support.

CAT Tools (Computer Aided Translation Tools): All of our translators use the most advanced CAT tools on the market. These involve the creation and incorporation of both TBs (Term Bases) and TMs (Translation Memories) which help to ensure consistency across different files and tasks.

This means that customer-specific terms and words with multiple possible translations will be translated consistently every single time. The TM can also be used to gain an accurate estimate of the original word count, allowing us to offer better prices and deadlines to our regular customers.

Translation Technology

Translation technology makes everything easier. We use the most up-to-date versions of market-leading systems. We predominantly work with memoQ Server, SDL Trados Studio, WorldServer, Memsource and Wordfast. We also have our very own in-house CAT tools trainer, who keeps everyone up to speed with the latest developments.

We keep track of our tasks and processes via our own customised TMS (Translation Management System), which we’re constantly updating to future-proof our processes.

We’ve also developed our own Query Management System and integrated it directly into our TMS in order to ensure that all queries are given the priority they deserve. This has helped us to manage complex queries much more effectively, saving time for both our PMs and our clients.


Effective communication between team members is paramount no matter your company. For this reason, we have implemented Slack across our entire organisation so that everyone can keep in touch about ongoing projects. It also allows our PMs to get in touch with our freelancers quickly. Plus, if you fancy a video call to find out what’s going on, we’re ready at literally a click of a button!